Plays an important role in thyroid function and thyroid hormone production. Selenium enzymes are also involved in this. This is why these two mineral are often linked.
Thyroid hormones can play a key role in immune defence, muscle function and have been linked to reproduction suppressed oestrus.

They also play an important role in metabolism leading to stillbirths or weak calves and lambs.

The longterm lack of feed iodine supplements in cow or sow diets causes hypothyroidism in mothers and offspring, with stillborn and immature calves and piglets

An increasing usage of rapeseed meal (RSM) in livestock diets is associated with the intake of glucosinolates which act as iodine antagonists, thereby intensifying the negative effects of insufficient iodine feeding.

Iodine deficiency results from consumption of feeds, which contain little (or no) iodine and iodine antagonists. Animal feeds vary greatly in composition and water content.

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