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Feeding minerals can be difficult to monitor and control. It is very easy to under or overdose when adding supplements manually and this leads to increased costs and decreased production.

With our precise technology and data insights you can be confident your herd is getting exactly what it needs.

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Our trademarked BlendBio process was set up to produce minerals ensuring stability, quality and high bioavailability all the while maintaining optimum animal health all year round.

Different combinations of minerals and supplements can be used to overcome issues on farm such as: Bloat, grass tetany, mastitis, infertility and other management issues arising from insufficient or inappropriate mineral factors in the diet of the herd. #thesolutionisinthewater

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Our system injects supplements into the water line and monitors water flow to ensure that consumption variations do not affect dosage accuracy.

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Our system is extremely flexible and can dispense up to 6 different mineral blends at any one time.

Rates can be changed at the touch of a button to ensure optimal nutrition at all times even when changing diets.

Our minerals and technology combine to deliver better returns, healthier animals & less labour!

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