Opis controller 1

The TERRA NutriTECH OPIS Controller is specially designed to automatically overcome variations in water consumption, ensuring that the animal receives the correct dose of magnesium and minerals, whatever the weather.
The OPIS Controller eliminates wastage and ensures accurate mineral delivery at all times reducing costs and safeguarding animal health.

Opis controller 2

An easy to use touch screen or app to input animal numbers and dosage rates.
Automated injection of supplements into the water line.

  • The OPIS Controller checks water intake and adjusts rate to ensure automatic accurate daily delivery of supplements into the water.
  • The OPIS Controller allows for customisation with up to 6 blends per farm.
  • The OPIS Controller’s technology will track supplement usage and residual stock levels on farm. The software dashboard can create aggregated reports by region and route allowing for logistics and production planning for partners.

Alarm functionality – farm will receive alert and alarms for exceptional incidents such as leaks, no water flow, power cut.

App & Software

Opis controller 3

Accurately dispenses liquid supplements on-farm via the water system

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