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Cow Calving Problems

Cow calving problems are common as calving is a high-risk event for both the cow and the calf. However, a good calving experience prepares the cow properly for lactation and increases her ability to go back in calf. Cow calving problems can be common on a farm and can lead to increased risk of calf and cow mortality, extra labour, longer calving intervals, poor fertility, reduced weaning weight, and increased veterinary and medicine costs. Some common cow calving problems include:

Preventing Cow Calving Problems

Preventing cow calving problems is always better than cure, so smart dairy herd managers adopt a preventative herd health approach to managing cow health. This improves the health and performance of dairy cows, increasing yields and quality of outputs.

Incorrect or inaccurate mineral feeding levels during the dry period can result in cows not achieving an optimal Body Condition Score (BSC) for calving. This can result in several metabolic diseases developing that can affect cows around calving time. This can cause added stress and an increase in workload in what is already a busy time on the farm.

Ensuring that the correct levels of minerals are being fed to the herd during the dry period and that they are fed evenly across the herd at the correct rate, is best practice in preventing cow calving problems. This approach will reduce calving difficulty, which will result in more live, vigorous calves that achieve desired weight gains, and more healthy fertile cows, resulting in better production and outputs.

The TERRA NutriTECH system is designed for preventing cow problems. Our innovative technology helps deliver precisely what the herd needs each day. Key Minerals can be dosed separately, and all systems dose accurately as they monitor water consumption patterns. This precision increases animal health and helps farms become more profitable, reduce waste, lower emissions, and reduce labour.

Mineral Solutions for Cow Calving Problems

TERRA NutriTECH works hard to ensure that all our mineral solutions are manufactured to the highest standards and quality to ensure that your animals get the minerals they need when they need them. TERRA NutriTECH’s trademarked Blendbio technique ensures quality stable minerals are blended with high bioavailability. All raw material and final blends are constantly tested to ensure the highest quality standards and are fully certified by the Department of Agriculture and Bord Bia.

*Always seek nutritional advice about the best way to treat and control specific problems on your farm.

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Consistency of Minerals for all Cows

What sold it for us originally was that we were originally doing a Spring and Autumn Calving. So, when the views go to grass, we could feed different levels of meal. Anywhere from 1 Kilo to 6 Kilo of meal. We were trying to get all the magnesium in the meal. So this resulted in cows getting undernourished or sometimes missing out completely. Changing this has been the big selling point for our farm. We now have a consistent way of getting magnesium to every cow.

John Clinton

One less Job for us to Worry About

We are very pleased with the system. Minerals for the cows are totally taken care of. It’s one less worry we have to deal with. This allows us to be more flexible with the type of feed that we source. The minerals are totally taken care of on-farm and that is one less job to worry about. Trusting that the animals are getting the precise dose of TERRA NutriTECH minerals and supplements they require. Working together for optimal animal health.

John Downey

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