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Herd Thrive Problems

Maintaining good health and thrive in beef animals is a crucial factor to the beef farmer’s success. There are many factors to consider in optimising the output of a beef herd, but by taking some time to plan an approach, you’re ensuring the maximum return on your stock.
The goal of good beef production is to develop highly desirable beef for consumption in the most efficient manner. This means healthy, thriving cattle that need minimal intervention and treatment. Good breeding, calf rearing, grassland management, winter feeding, housing and crucially, proper nutrition, are all factors that impact the health and thrive of your beef herd.
Some common herd thrive solutions we offer include:

Preventing Thrive Problems

A good understanding of the breed of the herd will help with developing a plan that will maximise thrive. Certain breeds will have specific needs or issues, and age is also a really important consideration. Being aware of the herd history and recording performance – tracking weight loss/ gain – will give you the data you need to practice good herd management. 

Best practice in beef farming includes ensuring the herd is well-housed, in a clean well-ventilated environment. Access to clean water will encourage feeding and ensure optimal health. Forage quality is really important, as poor quality here will directly impact animal performance. 

Regularly assess the mineral status of your grazed grass so you know what minerals to supplement, and the correct levels to supplement, to meet the needs of your herd. 

The TERRA NutriTECH system helps deliver precisely what the herd needs each day. Key Minerals can be dosed separately, and all systems dose accurately as they monitor water consumption patterns. This precision increases animal health and helps farms become more profitable, reduce waste, lower emissions, and reduce labour. 

Mineral Solutions

TERRA NutriTECH works hard to ensure that all our mineral solutions are manufactured to the highest standards and quality to ensure that your animals get the minerals they need when they need them. TERRA NutriTECH’s trademarked Blendbio technique ensures quality stable minerals are blended with high bioavailability. All raw material and final blends are constantly tested to ensure the highest quality standards and are fully certified by the Department of Agriculture and Bord Bia.

*Always seek nutritional advice about the best way to treat and control specific problems on your farm.

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Don’t see it as spending money on animals but investing in them and getting a good return on my investment  –

M. Broderick, Co Cork 

It helped reduce issues on the farm and has been beneficial to herd health. Overall I would highly recommend it.

J. O’Connell, Co Meath

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