Beef Finishing

What is Beef Finishing?

The beef finishing period is when beef animals are fed an energy-dense diet so that they will grow rapidly and add muscle/meat to their frame and optimise fat cover in preparation for slaughter.

Finishing Beef

Finishing beef cattle is all about efficiency. The overall target when it comes to finishing beef cattle is to achieve the maximum weight gain, over a minimum number of days, at minimum cost.

Beef Finishing Objectives

  • Maximum weight gain
  • Over the minimum number of days
  • At a minimum cost
  • Factors that impact Beef Finishing

  • Animal breed and genetics
  • Animal age
  • Quality of Diet and forage available
  • Overall health
  • Mineral supplementation
  • Problems with Beef Finishing

    Poor beef finishing can indicate a cattle mineral deficiency, and can present with the following common symptoms:

  • Rough hair coat
  • Low immunity and susceptibility to disease
  • Poor fertility
  • Stunted growth or poorer growth rates
  • Reduced feed intake
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Night blindness
  • Diarrhoea
    This will impact the final weight and sale price of the animal
    Beef Finishing Solutions

    Supplying the correct amount of trace elements and vitamins is important for optimum weight gain, muscle formation and to improve the health status of the animal.
    A tailored supplementation pack for fattening cattle on a high plane of nutrition will lead to higher daily live weight gains and better feed conversion efficiency.
    The right beef finishing supplementation pack will ensure optimal forage digestion, improve microbial protein quality and help moderate rumen pH, reducing the risk of acidosis and laminitis.
    A mineral deficiency in cattle is difficult to diagnose and can silently rob profits from the herd. Most deficiencies are related to copper, zinc and selenium, but other mineral deficiencies can occur.
    For some beef producers, there are logistical challenges that lead to an absence of performance trace minerals in their beef cattle nutrition, including challenges due to the land area that cattle are covering. This often happens during the summer months when cattle are grazing which traditionally made supplementation difficult. This has become a much simpler task with the introduction of TERRA NutriTECH’S OrbVie, which can supply exact daily doses to animals directly into their drinking trough.

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