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  • How often do I need to recharge the OrbVie Mobile?

    The OrbVie Mobile operates with a high-capacity rechargeable battery which should give approximately 12-15 fills between charges. Charging will take approximately 6-8 hours.

  • How many doses can I expect to get out of the OrbVie Mobile?

    This will depend on the product being used. The OrbVie Mobile should give approximately 600 doses of concentrated mineral blends and approximately 60 does of higher volume/less concentrated mixes.

  • How robust is the OrbVie?

    The Mobile OrbVie is designed to withstand normal farmyard use including deployment in troughs with livestock. It should not be subjected to temperatures less than 2 deg C (37 deg F).

  • Will my cows or cattle play with the OrbVie?

    It is always possible that a curious animal may interact with the Mobile OrbVie but extensive tests have shown that damage by livestock is unlikely.

  • Will the OrbVie work in small troughs?

    Yes, the Mobile OrbVie will work in troughs of any size. The trough should measure a minimum of 400mm x 700mm x 400mm deep.

    The OrbVie also comes equipped with the option of extending the supply line, so an OrbVie can be placed behind or beside a small trough.

  • How do I know when the OrbVie is empty?

    Once a program is set the App will set up reminders for registered users as follows:

    • a push notification on the day before the OrbVie will be empty
    • a push notification on the morning of the day the OrbVie will be empty
    • A reminder to refill on the day following if OrbVie program has not been reset
  • My cows drink a lot after milking – is the OrbVie enough to supplement them with what they need?

    The OrbVie is pre-programmed to follow a drinking pattern for most common farming systems. Once the correct herd type is selected the OrbVie will dispense minerals to follow average water consumption patterns.

  • How do I know my cows are getting an even dose?

    Within any herd there are varying water intakes depending on activity, milk yield etc. The OrbVie puts the correct amount of minerals for the herd into the water for the day and each animal will get their allocation when drinking.

  • Can I use multiple OrbVie’s on farm?

    Yes – the App is set up to control multiple OrbVies.

  • I do not have a smartphone – what are my options?

    A smartphone or Bluetooth enabled tablet is necessary to use the App which controls the OrbVie.

  • Does the OrbVie require a sim card to work?

    The OrbVie does not require a SIM card.  All communications are via Bluetooth when connected to the OrbVie.

  • How do I communicate with the OrbVie?

    The OrbVie is controlled by the OrbVie App developed by TERRA NutriTECH.

  • How long does it take to set up each time?

    The OrbVie is very quick to set up and use. Filling and setting up the OrbVie should be achieved in approximately 3 minutes per fill.

  • What is the guarantee with the OrbVie?

    The OrbVie has a 12-month warranty to cover replacement in the event of malfunction subject to normal wear and tear.

  • I don’t have mineral issues, why do I need to use this system?

    All livestock require minerals for optimum health and performance. A proportion of daily requirement will be derived from the diet of the animals but supplementary minerals are needed on the majority of farms to avoid disease and production losses due to mineral deficiency. Using TERRA NutriTECH minerals and equipment ensures your herd gets the minerals they require every day accurately and automatically.

  • Can the system work with small water pipes?

    Our OPIS Controller can be fitted to any type or size of water piping currently fitted on your farm. The full installation is easy and can be completed in a matter of hours. For farms where the water network is unsuited to centralised dosing the OrbVie can be used to dose one trough or  a section of the farm. Installation is very straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes.

  • What if it rains?

    Our intelligent OPIS and OrbVie controllers dose the correct amount of minerals irrespective of the weather so your herd receives the precise dosage whether they drink a small or large volume on any day.

  • I’m not good with technology, will I be able to use the system?

    Our controllers require minimal input – just tell the system the number of head, the product you wish to dose and select the dosage rate. The system than takes over and automatically doses the correct minerals for your herd each day.

  • Can individual farm requirements be met with mineral supplies?

    We can customise our mineral packages to suit your individual farm. Herd history along with analysis will indicate what is needed and the appropriate dosage rate. Where specific mineral deficiencies occur a bespoke mix can be supplied.

  • How much does it cost?

    There is an initial installation fee, and then an ongoing lease charge for the unit. Mineral costs are separate, and transparently costed on a per head per day basis.

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  • How do I know they are actually getting the minerals?

    Every farm animal drinks water each day. Our minerals are dispensed through water to match herd requirements throughout the day. As each animal drinks they receive their daily mineral requirement.

  • What if the minerals don’t reach the troughs on time?

    Minerals are present in all of the water on the farm – our system ensures that the water supply is consistently replenished with minerals so that minerals are available to animals as they need them.

  • Will I spend more on minerals?

    The TERRA NutriTECH system is cost effective when benchmarked against other supplementing methods with the benefit of accuracy, less labour and recording of product usage. Our farmers consistently refer to the system as an extra pair of hands on the farm working 24/7 for them. The huge benefit is seen in healthier animals and less breeding and reproductive issue in particular. This all leads to better herd performance and less treatment costs.

  • What are the benefits?
    • Saves time and money, providing peace of mind
    • Automated dosing reduces labour requirements
    • Transparent mineral dosing ensures all animals receive the correct volume of minerals every day
    • Improved herd health
    • Reduces waste helping to cut costs
    • No hidden charges or added extras
    • Continual maintenance provided free of charge
    • Regular service helps to reduce labour needed on farm
    • Systems suited to any farming system and any farm size
  • Do you need special water piping for the OPIS Controller to be fitted to?

    There is no special piping required for TERRA NutriTECH systems There are systems to suit all farm sizes and systems – please refer to the equipment /mineral-dosing-systems/which-mineral-dosing-system/ to learn more.

  • How do you change the dosing rate on the OPIS Controller?

    Rates can be controlled from the controller screen or from the App on smartphone. The systems is designed to be easy to understand and use and an operating manual is provided.

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