Opis App


Control in the palm of your hand

The TERRA NutriTECH app allows you to control the OPIS controller (link) from the palm of your hand. Input animal numbers and set dosage rates on the go, to ensure your herd receives precisely what they need, no matter where you are. Receive notifications to your mobile in the event of any exceptional incidents such as leaks, no water flow or power cut. The easy to use dashboard allows you to track usage, create reports by farm region and route, and monitor consumption, ensuring you have an accurate view of your herd at all times.

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Opis App

Start Screen

Showing Livestock numbers, Water Data and mineral dispensing status

Water Screen

Showing consumption today and yesterday. 7 day and 30 day data available from here

Mineral Screen

Showing amount dispensed already today and stock level in container

Mineral Screen 2

See the status of each product being dispensed

Select dosing program

Various options available

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