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Cow Milk Production Problems

Cow milk production and milk quality is the most important element to successful dairy farming. Reduced milk production and milk quality reduce farm profit and have a knock-on effect on reproduction quality and energy balance in the cow.
Optimal milk production can be encouraged by ensuring a smooth transition of cows back into the milking herd – this is critical to getting dairy cows to milk well in early lactation and rebreed. An unhealthy transition period not only impacts milk production and quality but can also lead to metabolic disorders, impacting the cow’s energy balance and health.
Supplementing dairy cows, particularly during the early lactation period, with the correct minerals at the correct rate and at the correct time, is a proven way to ensure optimal milk production and milk quality from your herd. The milking cow should receive adequate minerals to optimise milk solids production and minimise bodyweight loss to less than 0.5 BCS between calving and breeding. Some common cow milk production problems include:

Preventing Cow Milk Production Problems

Preventing Cow Milk Production Problems

Ensuring the nutritional needs of the high-yielding cow are met will ensure optimum production and prevent milk production and quality problems. An adequately nourished cow will be healthy and capable of managing the stresses associated with high milk production.

Insufficient energy in the milking cow’s diet can result in low milk protein, low milk yields, poor fertility and poor immunity. This will make the cow susceptible to disease and metabolic disorders including Ketosis, Mastitis, Lameness and loss of body condition. 

Regularly assess the mineral status of your grazed grass so you know what minerals to supplement, and the correct levels to supplement, to meet the needs of your herd. Decreasing fat supplements, increasing fibre content and optimising protein in their diet will also aid production. Adjusting your nutrition program for the different stages of the reproductive cycle and seasons will also ensure optimal outputs. 

The TERRA NutriTECH system helps deliver precisely what the herd needs each day. Key Minerals can be dosed separately, and all systems dose accurately as they monitor water consumption patterns. This precision increases animal health and helps farms become more profitable, reduce waste, lower emissions, and reduce labour.

Mineral Solutions To Improve Cow Milk Production

TERRA NutriTECH works hard to ensure that all our mineral solutions are manufactured to the highest standards and quality to ensure that your animals get the minerals they need when they need them. TERRA NutriTECH’s trademarked Blendbio technique ensures quality stable minerals are blended with high bioavailability. All raw material and final blends are constantly tested to ensure the highest quality standards and are fully certified by the Department of Agriculture and Bord Bia.
*Always seek nutritional advice about the best way to treat and control specific problems on your farm.

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