OPIS Controller

What is the OPIS Controller?

The OPIS Controller is an automated mineral dosing system for herds of 100 + animals. The OPIS integrates into the herd water supply and allows farmers to dose up to six customised liquid mineral blends via the water supply, to up to three separate animal groups at the same time. The OPIS can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is connected to a water meter, which monitors how much water is being consumed by the herd(s), allowing the farmer to increase or decrease the concentrates of the minerals being dosed. Using the OPIS system on farms delivers precision nutrition to your herd, ensuring healthier animals, increased returns and less labour.

Features of OPIS Controller

  • Used to dose entire herds
  • An automated system that doses customised minerals precisely into the farm water supply
  • Accurately daily dosage in wet or dry weather
  • Can dose up to 6 products/mineral blends
  • Hands off system – no need for labour
  • Alarms and alerts for round the clock peace of mind
  • All information feed through to the mobile app
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Minimal Waste
  • Used by leading farmers
  • Ensures Healthier animals
  • Installed in 3 hours


Benefits of the OPIS Controller

  • Reduced Labour
  • Precise and consistent dosing
  • Consistent dosing for better results
  • Sustainable
  • No Waste
  • All macro or micro minerals available
  • Highly palatable for optimum intakes
  • Convenient liquid dose for minimum disturbance to the animal
  • Enhances immunity
  • Supports weight gain
  • Improves herd health
  • Increases fertility
  • Helps prevent disease e.g. grass tetany, bloat, milk fever etc
  • Supports improved heats
  • Promotes a healthier uterus for improved conception
  • Decreases occurrence of embryonic deaths
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Reduces mortality rates
  • Reduces the occurrence of mastitis
  • Reduced the occurrence of retained placenta
  • Meeting the mineral and vitamin needs of livestock is crucial to achieving high levels of milk production and maintaining cow health and reproductive performance

“Overall the TERRA NutriTECH System helps my bottom line with less labour and better fertility”

IFAC Customer Report 2020

Delivery Options

How it Works

The OPIS system is designed to be easy to navigate and straightforward to use. It features a touch screen monitor, with a programmable controller, which stores your herd information such as herd size and mineral requirements.

The OPIS also comes with an easy to use App, which means that you can access your data and control the dosage from the palm of your hand.

Firstly, a customised mineral blend is devised for your herd’s requirements – TERRA NutriTECH assesses various factors such as herd history, soil analysis and animal health records, to create a fully bespoke mineral blend, backed by science. Whatever minerals you need can then be purchased via our online store in either 20 kg Drums, 200 kg Barrels or 1000 kg IBC containers.

The OPIS system monitors water consumption patterns on-farm and calculates the mineral concentration requirements.

The mineral(s) are then connected to the OPIS System, and they are dispersed into the water – The OPIS System precisely injects the liquid mineral blend into the drinking water or sprayed on top of the feed. Consumption rates are carefully monitored to ensure that the herd is receiving an adequate dose, and notifications of any irregularities (e.g. water leaks) are sent straight to your phone. Backed up by a dedicated Customer service team, the OPIS system delivers precision mineral nutrition to your herd 365 days of the year, in all weather conditions.

It really is that simple. The OPIS makes herd health easy!

Start Screen

showing Livestock numbers, Water Data and mineral dispensing status

Water Screen

showing consumption today and yesterday. 7 day and 30 day data available from here

Mineral Screen

showing amount dispensed already today and stock level in container

Mineral Screen 2

see the status of each product being dispensed

Select dosing program

various options available

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