Terra NutriTech TMR Precision Nutrition for animal feed.

The Terra NutriTECH TMR Feeding Solution that sprays the exact right amount of minerals on to animal feed evenly. Proven that all animals get the exact same amount. Easy! Accurate! and Better Results!

The worlds most advanced technology for dosing liquid supplements for precision and results.

Terra NutriTech is expanding rapidly and creating value for our partners internationally. If you are a direct farm sales organisation who wants to build a repeat delivery business we are looking for new distributors.

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Adding precise feeding supplements to water systems on farms, reducing labor and improving returns.

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Our Valuable Customers

What Our Customers Say About The OPIS Automated Mineral System


This Mineral Plays An Important Role In Enzymes, Immune Function And Healthy Skin.


Plays A Key Role In Immune Function And Is Closely Linked To Vitamin E.


Phosphorous Is A Very Important Mineral To Balance With Calcium. It Is Also Involved In Protein Synthesis And Energy Utilisation.


Magnesium Plays A Key Role In Muscle And Nerve Function In Ruminants. Deficiencies Are Very Rapid And Can Be Fatal.


This Mineral Plays A Key Role In Thyroid Function.


This Is A Really Important Mineral For The Formation Of Vitamin B12 In The Rumen Of Cows.


Calcium Is One Of The Most Important Minerals In Ruminants. It Plays A Key Role In Muscle Function And Immunity Particularly Around Calving Time.