Ill Thrift

What is Ill Thrift?

Ill-thrift is when calves grow slower than their peers. Thrive in young stock is a major concern for successful cattle farmers – A healthy thriving calf is a profitable calf. Young stock is determined to be ‘thriving’ when they are feeding well, growing at a good rate and showing signs of overall good health.

Symptoms of Ill Thrift

  • Calves are smaller
  • Calves are weaker
  • Calves are more susceptible to diseases
  • Causes of Ill Thrift

  • Mineral deficiency – particularly cobalt, selenium, copper and zinc
  • Poor immune systems
  • Poor rumen development
  • Summer Scour Syndrome
  • Problems from Ill Thrift

    Young stock that fails to thrive has a direct impact on the profitability of the farm. Weaker calves will struggle to gain weight, affecting Body Composition Score. Poor Immunity can lead to metabolic disorders and diseases, and the introduction of these into a herd can be catastrophic, and sometimes fatal. Managing your herd with the goal of enhancing Thrive in Young Calves will result in more live, vigorous calves that achieve desired weight gains, along with more fertile cows with better production, and all while reducing your workload and stress.

    Ill Thrift – Treatment 

    Ensure the calf’s nutritional needs are being met – with a diet appropriate for the calf’s growth stage, and environment.

    Fibre should be added to the diet in the form of hay or palatable straw. Fibre helps improve rumen health, and so will impact digestion and encourage correct nutrient absorption.

    TERRA NutriTECH along with Auranta has brought a cutting edge product to market that helps to promote better rumen function in calves and reduce or eliminate summer scour to promote better weight gain in calves.

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