Reduction of Labour Requirements on Farms throughout Ireland

Reduction of Labour Requirements on Farms throughout Ireland

In this blog post, we will be highlighting how Labour is affected following the implementation of our automated mineral dosage system. Labour is a significant issue on many Irish dairy farms as cow numbers and farm size continues to increase in a post-quota environment.

We are fortunate to work with progressive commercially aware farmers who were generous with their time in helping ifac compile this report and Terra NutriTECH is grateful. Farmers sit at the centre of everything we do. That is why we commissioned ifac to conduct an independent assessment of how Terra NutriTECH is serving their needs.

As Teagasc have highlighted in their People in Dairy Action Plan, innovative labour-saving technologies are a critical component to attracting and retaining staff on Irish dairy farms. Terra NutriTECH is part of the automation and labour-saving actions that many Terra NutriTECH customers employ, with 87% stating that using the system has reduced or significantly reduced labour on the farm.

The main savings are realised through:

  • Healthy cows and calves in the Spring
  • No dusting of feed face/lifting bags into feed wagons
  • No bolusing of stock
  • Water leaks identified immediately
statistics of labour savings across farms

With the latest version of the OPIS Controller and App system, farmers can change livestock numbers and dosage rates from their mobile. On wet and cold evenings, for example, a farmer can increase magnesium dosage to avoid grass tetany.

Additionally, water leaks can be detected with the Terra NutriTECH system sending farmers an alert via SMS if there is low water volume or no flow. Again, this saves time and money for farmers.

Has Terra NutriTECH reduced labour on your farm?

Let us learn what farmers have to say about it:

Overall the system helps my bottom line by less labour and better fertility.

Great labour reducer.

Top class service and a very good mineral system. Less Labour. No dusting silage with minerals or bolus to cow.

The big help is it does the job so I or a member of the team don’t have to.

 It’s helped reduce the workload on the farm and has been beneficial to the herd, overall I would highly recommend this system.

For more information on how we are improving farm efficiency please read the independent ifac report –Terra NutriTECH Customer Report 2019/2020.

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