Tackle AMR – Reducing the effect of medicines on herds.

Tackle AMR – Reducing the effect of medicines on herds.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is where the medicines (e.g. antibiotics) used to treat diseases caused by specific micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria) are no longer effective. Antibiotic resistance does not mean the body is becoming resistant to antibiotics; it is that bacteria have become resistant to the antibiotics designed to kill them. 

Livestock farmers will have to reduce antibiotic usage to curtail the developing problem of AMR and with new European legislation which comes into place in January 2022 to provide a framework for antibiotic usage. All farmers need to engage now in animal health measures to reduce dependence on antibiotics in their herds. 

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Terra NutriTECH works to improve animal health starting at calving and bringing herds through a productive and healthy cycle each year reducing the need for antibiotics. 

Infections will always require antibiotic treatments. By ensuring optimal mineralisation of your herd, we ensure more healthy cows, healthy immune systems and a reduced need for these medicines.   

Healthier Herds use fewer Antibiotics 

Managing Calving

There are many elements to maintaining a healthy herd including minerals which play a crucial role in metabolic functions, health, and immunity.  

The dairy cows’ biggest metabolic challenges are at a transition time – three weeks before and after calving when the cow must calve and begin milk production and is the time when antibiotics are most often used.  

One essential mineral at calving time and the transition is calcium. Low blood calcium (hypocalcemia) is a risk for the dairy cow and every case of milk fever costs €250 – €300. Targeted magnesium supplementation helps to reduce milk fevers and ensure healthy cows are retained. 

75% of Terra Nutritech customers have reported a significant reduction in incidents of Milk Fever

Magnesium and calcium play a crucial role in muscle function and immunity – proper mineral status at calving boosts immunity, reduces the risk of metritis and reduces incidents of retained cleanings.  

By analyzing mineral status in diets, and in the herd, Terra NutriTECH can supply a bespoke blend for the farm and ensure accuracy in dosing. 

This targeted supplementation of Magnesium, Copper, Selenium, Zinc, Iodine, Cobalt, Vit E & D ensures the cow’s immune system is at its optimal and aids better uterine health and function. 

Mastitis in Cows

The majority of clinical mastitis occurs in the first 30 days after calving requiring treatment with antibiotic tubes. E.coli (toxic) mastitis requires treatment with fluids and injectable antibiotics.  Preparing the body to combat this effectively in the early stages can reduce or eliminate treatment. 

Lameness in Cows

Lame cows are one of the highest costs to a dairy farm and a big welfare challenge. A proper mineral regime supports hoof health and minimises preventable lameness in cows which can otherwise require intensive antibiotic therapies. Zinc is critical in healthy and hard hoof formation. Deficiencies can result in soft hooves that are more susceptible to damage and infection.

cattle lameness, animal health, lame cows, dairy farming
cattle lameness, zinc, lameness in cows, cattle farming

Calf health  

Avoiding slow calvings reduces the risk of calf mortality with a good lively calf more likely to get up quickly and suckle where colostrum will be consumed quickly. Healthy calves that get the best start require fewer treatments and will suffer from fewer issues like scour and pneumonia. 

TERRA NutriTECH have the Solution!

Thousands of animals in Irish herds are now getting bespoke mineral supplementation.  

Our accurate liquid mineral delivery system helps reduce AMR as it allows farmers to supplement bespoke minerals and solutions needed at the risk times of the year. 

An independent Customer Report in 2019/2020 highlighted some critical results for our customers.  

  • Over 71% of farmers using the Terra NutriTECH system have experienced an improvement in their herd’s overall health 
  • 92% of farmers surveyed see individualised minerals as important or very important on their farms 
  • Three out of four dairy clients have seen an improvement in milk fever in their herds 
  • Four out of five farmers experienced a reduction in calving issues on their farms 
  • Farmers noted healthier calves, less retained placentas, and less sick cows after calving. 

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