The Importance of Pre-Calver Minerals!

The Importance of Pre-Calver Minerals!

Every farmer should know that the pre-calving period is a crucial time for setting up your cows for healthy calving and early lactation, leading to more success at breeding.

Our Pre-Calver is a blend of Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt and Vitamins A, D and E. It is primarily used to boost the welfare of the cow and the calf in the lead up to calving season. Animal performance is increased with reduced mortality rates while building disease resistance.

Pre-Calver is a high-quality mineral supplement that is specifically formulated for both dairy and suckler cows in the 6-8 week period leading up to calving. It can also help prevent milk fever (both clinical and sub-clinical) retained cleanings ensuring cows calf down in the correct mineral status.

Preventing milk fever by supplementing with the correct levels of Magnesium will have a positive return for your herd’s performance and your pocket. For every clinical case on your farm, there are typically 4 to 6 sub-clinical cases that are never diagnosed.

Milk fever will contribute to further problems for your herds performance and it can be directly linked to ketosis, displaced abomasum’s, fatty liver, mastitis, retained cleanings, reduced milk yield and lower fertility performance.

There are many factors that influence healthy calving. These include the correct day-to-day management of the animals feeding space, clean water quality and availability, cow comfort and a proper mineral supplementation plan.

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Our Terra NutriTech mineral system of precision nutrition has proven to prevent weak calves at birth, numerous calving problems, retained afterbirths, infertility, milk fever, slow calvings and much more.

Many factors such as soil types, grass cutting date, fertiliser programs, old permanent pasture versus newly reseeded grass, and the level of fertility of soils can leave grass silage deficient in many major and minor minerals. Watch out for Potassium levels in silage being fed to dry cows, high Potassium in silage is a huge factor with milk fever.

To keep your cows in good condition, minerals containing high levels of trace elements and Magnesium should be fed for 6-8 weeks before calving.

Suggested actions for farmers include:

  • Herd analysis to establish mineral deficiencies – bloods should be analysed for mineral status from a random sample within the herd (approx 5%). Do not forget first-time heifers due to calf down in the spring.
  • Feed and Forage analysis – In order to build up a complete picture analysis of feed ration should also be completed – in particular Potassium levels.
  • Draw up a mineral plan – Depending on different regions of the country (or even within the same area) mineral status can differ greatly. This is why it is important to not simply buy an off the shelf mineral, rather get a precise evaluation and overview of your farm’s deficiencies and then proceed to get a mineral tailored to your herd’s specific requirements.

As calves are born with no immune system they rely completely on their mother’s antibodies from colostrum so feeding a good quality Pre-Calver mineral to your herd will improve the quality of colostrum the cow produces which ensures a calf has the relevant antibodies to fight infections such as scour and pneumonia. Feeding the correct levels of Pre-Calver mineral also reduces cows calving slowly or lazy calving.

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Partnering with Terra NutriTech ensures your animals get the minerals they need, on time and at the correct dosage rates. Each cow is guaranteed to get an even share of customised minerals weather it is dosed through the farm water supply or alternatively sprayed evenly on top of the dry feed mix in the farms own TMR feeder wagon.


  • Supports the immune development of the cow and unborn calf.
  • Supports quicker easier calving
  • Less Retained cleanings.
  • Increases disease resistance, feed efficiency and animal performance.
  • Contributes to good quality colostrum & reduced calf mortality.
  • Should be fed in conjunction with High Iodine.
  • Blend of Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Phosphorous and Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D.
  • Available in 20kg and 200kg
  • Dosing 10mls per head per day

What are the farmers saying?

Independent IFAC Report 2020:

Full – IFAC Report available on Terra NutriTech

Farmer responses to the IFAC survey:

‘Cow health post-calving is excellent.’

‘One less job to do and I have healthier cows that hold condition after calving.’

‘When cows get sick to calf they calve very quickly and clean almost instantly’

‘Less retention of after birth.’

‘Calves are healthier born. No calves dead at birth.

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Please call Ronan on 087 708 6714 or email [email protected] to find out how using the Terra NutriTech Automated Mineral Dosing System can aid your pre-calving plan. Get in touch with our nutritionist team to learn more about liquid mineral supplementation and find out how your farm can benefit immediately.